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Originally from Cascais, a coastal town in Portugal. At 21, I went to the UK to do my university engineering studies.


After finishing my degree I came back and worked in a multinational for 2 years. Being ambitious I then decided to leave again and landed in 2003 in the Dubai, UAE. 


All my professional career have been on a corporate environment in senior management positions, following strict rules on a challenging marketplace.

I’m a father of a lovely 5-year-old boy and now on my early forties I’ve decided to have a different perspective about what’s most important in my life aiming to seek financial freedom.

Y O U    a r e   t h e   S i z e   o f   Y o u r


Fernando Pessoa

pursuing my dreams


Even enjoying my corporate career, after immersing myself on personal development material I found myself asking what I really want for my life.


In a simple snap of fingers, I realized life is passing by at an impressive rate and I’m not pursuing what really matters, My Dreams!!

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